The Saskatchewan Law Review Lecture is delivered annually by a distinguished speaker on an important topic in law. The Lecture is published in the Law Review.

Past lecturers include the Honourable Justice Marshall Rothstein, former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada; the Honourable Roy Romanow, P.C.; and public intellectual John Ralston Saul.

Past Law Review Lectures:

2018: Orlando Da Silva, Senior Crown Counsel, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General: "Fostering Support: Mental Health Among Lawyers" (Oct. 23, 2018)

2017: The Honourable Raynell Andreychuk, Maria Campbell and The Honourable Palbinder Kaur Shergill "Inclusion and diversity: A Reflection on Canada’s 150th and the Promise of the Future" (Oct. 3, 2017)

2016: The Honourable Thomas Cromwell, retired justice of the Supreme Court of Canada: "Movement on access to justice or an access to justice movement? Where Access to justice in civil and family matters goes from here" (Oct. 25, 2016)

2015: Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein, Supreme Court of Canada: "Checks and Balances in Constitutional Interpretation – Perspectives from a Recently Retired Supreme Court Justice" (2016) 79 Sask. L. Rev. 1

2014: Andrew Coyne, national affairs columnist for PostMedia News: "Our Broken Democracy: And How to Fix It" [unpublished].

2013: Paul McHugh, Professor of Law and Legal History from the University of Cambridge: "Time Whereof: Memory, History, and Law in the Jurisprudence of Aboriginal Rights" (2014) 77 Sask. L. Rev. 137 

2012: Donna Greschner, Dean of University of Victoria Faculty of Law: "Arguments for Lawyers: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters"

2011: John Ralston Saul, President of International PEN: "A Different Model of the Nation-State - Canada in the World and the Aboriginal Influence” (2012) 75 Sask. L. Rev. 3

2010: Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner of Canada: "Privacy in the Era of Social Networking: Legal Obligations of Social Media Sites" (2011) 74 Sask. L. Rev. 263

2009: Richard Moon, University of Windsor: "The Attack on Human Rights Commissions and the Corruption of Public Discourse" (2010) 73 Sask. L. Rev. 93

2008: Lorne Waldman: "No one Above the Law: Reflections of an Immigration Lawyer on the Importance of the Rule of Law" (2009) 72 Sask. L. Rev. 143 

2007: Mark S. Winfield, York University: "An Unimaginative People: Instrument Choice in Canadian Environmental Law and Policy" (2008) 71 Sask. L. Rev. 79

2006: The Honourable Ed Bayda (former Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal), "Judicial Activism" (2007) 70 Sask. L. Rev. 3.

2005: Kent McNeil (Osgoode Hall Law School), "Aboriginal Title and The Supreme Court: What's Happening?" (2006) 69 Sask. L. Rev. 281.

2004: The Honourable Georgina R. Jackson (Saskatchewan Court of Appeal), "The Mystery of Judicial Ethics: Deciphering the 'Code'" (2005) 68 Sask. L. Rev. 1.

2003: The Honourable Roy Romanow, P.C., "Directions in Canadian Health Care after the Romanow Report" (2004) 67 Sask. L. Rev. 1.

2002: Michael Geist (University of Ottawa), "Electronic/Commerce Internet Issues" [unpublished].

2002: Stephen J. Toope (Faculty of Law, McGill), "Fallout from '9-11': Will a Security Culture Undermine Human Rights?" (2002) 65 Sask. L. Rev. 282.

2000: Roderick A. Macdonald (Faculty of Law, McGill), "Let Our Future Not be Behind Us: The Legal Profession in Changing Times" (2001) 64 Sask. L. Rev. 1.

1999: Rosalie Siberman Abella (Ontario Court of Appeal), "Law, Literature, and Identity: Seeking Equality" (2000) 63 Sask. L. Rev. 1.

1998: S.M. Waddams (Faculty of Law, University of Toronto), "Unconscionable Contracts: Competing Perspectives" (1999) 62 Sask. L. Rev. 1