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Drea Nasager

Drea Nasager is a third-year student at the College of Law. She is originally from Ontario and since 2011 has lived and worked in the Yukon. She has her B.A. in Indigenous Studies from Trent University and graduated with summa cum laude honours. Drea has worked as a Research Assistant with Professor Felix Hoehn which culminated in a research credit for a published article in the Alberta Law Review. She achieved honourable mention in 1st year Moots, was awarded the W.G. Morrow and R.C. Carter Prize for Aboriginal Law, and was recently awarded an Academic Achievement Scholarship from the College of Law and currently works as a Teaching Assistant in Legal Research and Writing. Drea is a mother to two young girls, actively performs as a singer songwriter, and dedicates any free time to the decolonization of the legal academy, legal practice, and institutions impacting First Nations peoples.