Below is a listing of what you will find in the current issue of the Saskatchewan Law Review, Volume 80(1), 2017:

Commercial Law Conference Honouring Distinguished Professor Ronald C.C. Cuming

A Celebration of Professor Cuming’s 50th Anniversary at the College of Law
Justice Donald H. Layh

Deposit Account Set-Off Under the PPSA
Clayton Bangsund

Rediscovering the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Power: Political and Constitutional Challenges to the Canadian Bankruptcy Act, 1919-1929
Thomas G.W. Telfer

The Reform of Judgment Enforcement Law in Canada: An Overview and Comparison of Models for Reform
Tamara M. Buckwold

Real Property Security Interests on First Nations Reserved Lands
Scott Hitchings

Lousy Dentists, Bad Drivers, and Abandoned Oil Wells: A New Approach to Reconciling Provincial Regulatory Regimes with Federal Insolvency Law
Anna J. Lund

The Case for Modernization of Saskatchewan Real Property Security Law
Ronald C.C. Cuming

The Death and Resurrection of the Lowest Intermediate Balance Rule
Anthony Duggan

Receiverships in Canada: Myth and Reality
Roderick J. Wood


Frustrating the Purpose of the Receivership Remedy: Federal Paramountcy in Saskatchewan (Attorney General) v. Lemare Lake Logging Ltd.
Jonathan Milani

Examining the Exam: Use of the LSAT in Canadian Law School Admissions Procedures
Noah S. Wernikowski

Book Notes