Below is a listing of what you will find in the current issue of the Saskatchewan Law Review, Volume 80(2), 2017:


Refiner’s Fire: The University of Saskatchewan College of Law in Times of Depression and War
Beth Bilson

We Don’t Need No (Catholic) Education—But Why Can’t It Be Saved by Section 1? A Comment on Good Spirit School Division No. 204
Michelle Biddulph

How Good Are Our “Best Practices” When It Comes to Executive Compensation? A Review of Forty Years of Skyrocketing Pay, Regulation, and the Forces of Good Governance
Bryce C. Tingle

Solicitor-Client Privilege and Income Tax Act Seizures: A Comment on Canada (Attorney General) v. Chambre des notaires du Québec
Jonathan Milani 

Assisted Death in Canada: An Exploration of the Constitutionality of Bill C-14
Firuz Rahimi 

Book Notes

Contents of Volume 80